Welcome! This is a site for Creative Writers, where we use Roleplaying as a device for cooperative story-telling. If this idea interests you, please apply and join us in working together to produce original works of fiction.


Cooperative story-telling through Roleplay
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 What is this site about?

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PostSubject: What is this site about?   Wed Jul 15, 2009 3:00 pm

What is role playing all about?

-Role Playing is exactly what it sounds like. You act in the role of the character you create. The idea is to create an interesting and fun character and see how well you can imitate them. Role playing is a concept that uses creative writing and acting to create a "create your own adventure" story as a team with your fellow players.

So what about this site?

-This is a role playing site where we all congregate to role play together. This site started with one role play and we intend to only have one active at a time, but growth is hoped for. We try to encourage serious role playing. We like to have highly interested people that enjoy writing and story telling of any kind. We are extremely open to input, and try to utilize resources from different types of people. If you have any special skills that you think we can utilize like HTML, Photoshop, moderation, etc. let us know.

What Makes this site fun?

-We're open to input from anyone, even guests
-We're always looking for special skills
-Interact with people
-Test your skills at role playing a character of your creation
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What is this site about?
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