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 In the beginning...

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PostSubject: In the beginning...   Mon Aug 03, 2015 3:48 pm

Once Upon a Time

Battles over Metahumans have raged across the earth for longer than even history can say. Most of these battles have taken place behind the scenes and constant efforts were made to keep them secret. Mythoi in many cultures hinted at the existence of these beings, but the presence of religion and lore protected them behind stigma of mere faith.

As technology improved, media began to connect even the smallest places of the world. Governments across the world burned through manpower and tax dollars trying to keep things under-wrap, but the age of communication proved too extensive to censor media. A phone in every hand meant the existence of Metahumans could no longer be kept from the eyes of the every man.

Cultural Fault

Persons with strange and magnificent abilities seemed to appear everywhere. Even though “metaphysical” and “supernatural” were hard to believe, the Internet constantly flooded with new discoveries. At first no one could tell the difference between clever effects and real life fantasy, but soon everyone was watching. Every talk show host and Internet celebrity spotlighted the shiny new pennies of the supposed Human Race. Once every man, woman, and child in the 1st World started asking questions, the term “Paradigm Shift” filled every government inbox.

Just as with every beautiful new discovery, comes horror and chaos. And just as with every intervention comes government spending. In recent years, the United Nations agreed on a solution to the changes that swept the nations. It took every mind to keep the world from turning on its head.

Social Crack

It began with a new classification system. To prevent the Paradigm Shift, “Delta-Initiative” was enacted - defined and named as a mechanism to sift Metahumans by “measureable difference” and into their “proper places.” The United States government advertised that their efforts allowed Metahumans to live freely with their abilities, yet still contribute to society. At the height of willful cooperation, strong disagreements passed unnoticed.

Unlike obvious segregation of physical spaces in history, changing idea-space and hidden Internet cultures kept Metahumans separate and somewhat protected. The mindless drone of the media’s group-think lull kept most human citizens believing the government would just take care of things as usual. However, the mindset of once again separating hominids into categories spurred on a whole new flavor of civil unrest.

Loyalty to a species sparked brand new battles and the skirmishes littered every household. Humans were split in the beginning, purely upon the lines of new moral and ethical opinions. Peace regardless of color, gender, or socioeconomic status became a thing of the past. In the end, it seemed easy for humans to unite as a people in front of potential problems coming from terms like “Separate Sentient Species” and popular one-day-worries like armies of creatures reigning from the skies.

Paradigm Shift

Instead of fighting changing understanding of Metahumans attended behind a lens, the power behind the people changed tack. From the gushing rise of innate talents grew an all new industry. After a short aggravated period, things began to settle once persons with abilities were sifted through government regulated production.

At first, the populace took kindly to what seemed like a system of safety through order, but crime and corruption spiked in strangely organized ways. The explosion of individual change engendered creative changes in society. Normal life seemed a thing of the past and demand for structure and order made safety in insanity a business.

It didn’t take long for the smaller coalitions to be swallowed into bigger factions. Government was hot just compensating for how many lawyers began asking permission for things completely new to Law. Insurance skyrocketed, and before anyone knew it, the world was investing in collateral damage. People were lining up to have their home destroyed, just to watch the melee between people with extraordinary capabilities. Every kid wanted to be special. Every parent wanted a better home security system. It was almost as is television came to life.

Just like high ranking players always get traded, a bigger paycheck and greater opportunities shifted loyalties. Everyone saw the law participate and nobody stopped them. All of a sudden, it was okay to be different, but better yet, everyone wanted to be…
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In the beginning...
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